This is the scoring method that I use to determine placement.  You do not have to follow these rules.  This is a general guideline.  Remember:  If you input total scores in the Database, this process is calculated automatically for you.

Olympic System of Scoring

Scoring Process

Judge assigns scores (see rubric below) to each contestant.  The Rubric consists of the following:

Interpretation of Theme (20 Points) How closely the piece relates to the theme, based on the artwork itself and the artist statement
Artistic Merit/Creativity
(10 points)
How creative and original the piece is in its conception of the theme and its presentation
Mastery of Medium (10 points) The level of skill demonstrated in the basic principles/techniques of the arts area.

Tabulation Process

The following steps will be utilized.  IN ORDER, to determine the final placement:

  • STEP #1—The lowest total PLACE POINTS determines the placement of each contestant(adding up the places each competitor received). Please see the spreadsheets below for examples:
  • Example: If a contestant receives 1st place from one judge and 2nd place from the other two judges, that contestant’s place points would total 5.  S/He would place higher than any contestants who did not receive two first and received a total of 6 place points or more.
  • STEP #2—When there is a TIE in the place points, revert back to the total numerical score from all judges. The highest total score breaks the tie and determines the higher placement.
  • STEP #3—If you have followed Step #1 and Step #2 and a TIE still remains for first and second place, the contestant who has the highest “Interpretation of Theme” score would place higher.