Local Unit in Good Standing and Meeting Core Requirements

In the bylaws, Georgia PTA defines a local unit in good standing as one that meets the following requirements:

• Adheres to the purpose and basic policies of the PTA;
• Pays State and National dues on a monthly basis;
• Has approved bylaws on file at the state office;
• Submits an annual audit report to the state office by the last business day of September;
• Submits annually to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the appropriate form 990 by the applicable IRS due date and the IRS Verification Form to the state office after filing;
• Pays Council dues (if part of a council)

Local units must be in good standing in order to participate in the Reflections Program; apply for Georgia or National PTA scholarships and/or grants (including Georgia PTA scholarships for students); submit reports and be eligible for awards; and attend state or national convention as voting delegates.
In addition to being in good standing, Georgia PTA encourages all PTAs to be incorporated and have insurance coverage to meet core requirements.