Visual Arts vs. Photography

Just because there is a photograph somewhere on the entry, does not make it a Photography entry.

Please refer to these guidelines when deciding whether the entry is Visual Arts or Photography.  Remember that it is up to the Local Units to determine if the entry is in the correct category.  Once it gets to Council and we determine it to be in another category, we will have to disqualify it.

For a good reference tool, click here for a flowchart that will help you to decide whether the entry is VA or PH.  It has various examples.


  • Think of the entry as this:  Is it printed on one continuous piece of paper?  If yes, then it is a Photography entry
  • The max size of a photography entry is 11 X 14 INCLUDING the mat.
  • No writing or graphics is allowed over the photograph or on the mat.  This would make it a Visual Arts entry.
  • A collage of photos is considered photography IF the collage is manipulated via photo editing software.

Visual Arts

  • The artist cut and glued multiple photos on a piece of paper or posterboard
  • The artist took pieces of magazines and glued it around the photo