Bingos and Raffles


Georgia law allows certain nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations to operate raffles. PTAs interested in conducting a raffle must check with the local school administration to ensure such an activity does not violate any existing policies or rules. You must apply for a license with the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.  The form can be found here.


—Recreational Bingo (Free Bingo) – No license required. These are bingo games for which your PTA does not charge participants to play and does not award cash prizes or prizes worth more than $15 per game.  Also, the non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged or redeemed for money. Recreational bingo games are not considered gambling under Georgia law, so your PTA may hold them as often as you like.

Other types of bingo are considered gambling and therefore require a permit or license from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

—Annual Bingo Fundraiser –The GBI will issue a one-time permit for one bingo session during the calendar year free of charge. Keep in mind that only one permit will be issued per school or PTA; not to both during the same calendar year. Your PTA must apply for the permit by letter on school letterhead signed by the principal and PTA president. The permit must be posted in the location where you hold the bingo. The GBI will send you instructions along with your one-time permit. Allow at least two weeks to receive the permit. Go to for additional information.

Please note: The permit will only be issued once between January 1 and December 31, which obviously overlaps two school years. Plan ahead!