Behind every successful PTA, there is a school principal who is supportive, helpful, and personally involved in the PTA activities. To recognize the principal who best fits this description, Area 1 Gwinnett County Council of PTAs will honor one (1) Outstanding Principal of the Year, in the categories of elementary, middle and high school.  If your principal is a member of PTA, promotes the Purposes and Mission of PTA and encourages the use of the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, please complete  the Outstanding Principal Nomination Form and submit to Council President by April 15, 2020. Area 1 President at

Area I Gwinnett County Council Outstanding Principal Nomination Form 2019 2020



We appreciate our volunteers, and as PTA leaders, we know that PTA cannot exist without volunteers and members. Volunteers help make PTA programs and projects happen! They devote their skills and enormous amounts of time to our local PTAs and school communities. Some volunteers are extraordinary in their efforts and they go above and beyond. These extraordinary volunteers understand the PTA mission and purposes, always offer support, and encourage parent involvement among others. The extraordinary volunteer helps their local PTA achieve specific goals and implement programs/projects.

Often, a program or project could not have been successful without an extraordinary volunteer. If your PTA unit knows an extraordinary volunteer, please complete  Volunteer of the Year application and submit their name to Area 1 Gwinnett County Council of PTAs. We would love to hear how your volunteer made a difference.

Area I Gwinnett county Council Volunteer of the Year Application 2019 2020