Reflections State Placements Announced!

We had a total of 16 awards given to Area 1 students at the Woodruff Arts Center yesterday.  This is 3 more than last year.  (On both winners reports I received via email, Brianna Jones, Parkview HS, was inadvertently absent, so that brings the total up to 16).

Kyle Klerk, a 5th Grader at Mountain Park ES read his literature entry.  He is a cancer survivor and the title of his work is called “A Warrior’s Battle.”  The audience erupted into applause after his reading.  He will be moving on to Nationals.  His is the only entry to move on this year.  We wish him well and what a great accomplishment!

We topped last year!  This is the most awards given to Area 1 in FOUR YEARS!!!  Thanks to ALL the Local Units for your hard work! Over 2000 Entries were judged in all categories.  This is a huge accomplishment for these students.  Here is the breakdown of Awards received.

1 Intermediate Winner and Entry to Nationals
3 First Places
5 Second Places
5 Third Place
3 Honorable Mentions


Dance Choreography

Second Place, Jocelyn Giles, Grade 2, Mountain Park Elementary School
First Place, Madeline Smith, Grade 7, Shiloh Middle School
Third Place, Radhika Patel , Grade 12, Parkview High School

Film/Video Production

Second Place, Mason Boggs, Grade 3, Mountain Park Elementary School
Third Place, Melissa Da Vila, Grade 12, Shiloh High School


Honorable Mention, Brooke Agber, Kindergarten, Partee Elementary School
Honorable Mention, Coleman Fowler, Kindergarten, Brookwood Elementary School
First Place and Entry to National, Kyle Klerk, Grade 5, Mountain Park Elementary School
Second Place, Nuzhat Ahmed, Grade 8, Trickum Middle School


Honorable Mention, Sunny-Lee Alsobrook, Grade 1, Gwin Oaks Elementary School
Third Place, Sarah Dhanani, Grade 7, Crews Middle School


Visual Arts

Second Place, Karla Frankova, Grade 3, Camp Creek Elementary School
Third Place, Dylan Schmidt, Grade 5, Head Elementary School
Second Place, Hannah Sanders, Grade 6, Crews Middle School
Third Place, Mary Wang, Grade 9, Parkview High School


First Place, Briana Jones, Grade 11, Parkview High School