Reflections State Winners 2017!

The following students have placed at State!  Fifteen in all and the most ever in Visual Arts. We still do not know their final placement.  That will be revealed at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  All are welcome to view the wonderful works of art.  The art exhibit is:

2pm – 6pm on March 19th, 2017

I’m so proud of these students.  Please congratulate them on a job well done!

Dance Choreography

Jocelyn Giles, Second Grade, Mountain Park Elementary School
Madeline Smith, Seventh Grade, Shiloh Middle School
Radhika Patel , Twelfth Grade, Parkview High School

Film/Video Production

Mason Boggs, Third Grade, Mountain Park Elementary School
Melissa Da Vila, Twelfth Grade, Shiloh High School


Brooke Agber, Kindergarten, Partee Elementary School
Coleman Fowler, Kindergarten, Brookwood Elementary School
Kyle Klerk, Fifth Grade, Mountain Park Elementary School
Nuzhat Ahmed, Eighth Grade, Trickum Middle School


Sunny-Lee Alsobrook, First Grade, Gwin Oaks Elementary School
Sarah Dhanani, Seventh Grade, Crews Middle School

Visual Art

Karla Frankova, Third Grade, Camp Creek Elementary School
Dylan Schmidt, Fifth Grade, Head Elementary School
Hannah Sanders, Sixth Grade, Crews Middle School
Mary Wang, Ninth Grade, Parkview High School