And Drop Off at State Complete!!!

I am so proud of all the students in Area 1!  We have some very strong pieces advancing to State.  I have created a flickr account to include Visual Arts and Photography entries that advanced to state.  You can access the albums here.  Be sure to share this link with family and friends!!!


The State Exhibition will be held on March 6, 2016 at the High Museum in Downtown Atlanta.

Invitations will be sent out to winners sometime around February.  The invitation will not tell the student what placement they received, only that they did place.  At State, only divisional winners advance to Nationals.  However, each GRADE LEVEL will receive a first, second, and third place.  It is up to the judges to determine, out of the GRADE LEVELS that make up the division, who the overall winner is advancing to Nationals.  So if your student wins first place, that does not necessarily mean they are advancing to Nationals.  The divisions are:

Primary (K-2)
Intermediate (3-5)
Middle (6-8)
High School (9-12)